For as long as i can remember, I’ve only wanted two things in life. To write, and to travel.

I was always a reader. Still am (try to be, anyway). I had three bookcases in my bedroom growing up. I eventually had to give away a lot of my childhood books, but I kept the ones that mean the most to me and tucked them in among my “grown up” novels. From my position right now, slouched on my bed, I can see “Ella Enchanted” and the “Little House on the Prairie” next to my copies of The Exorcist, The Shining and The Silence of the Lambs. (I’m a big time horror fan, and you can read all about the other bits of my life under "Other passions" above)

I think my love of books also fueled my desire to travel. I was stuck in a place where nothing cool EVER happened (I used to think.) My favorite characters  lived in places like Lonndon and New York City, which are cities that seem to be the center of all things cool and important.

I loved to write too, little stories and poems. My teachers would write on my report cards that they knew I’d be a writer one day.  As much as I really wanted to be a writer and wanted their predictions to be true, as I grew older the doubt grew as well.

I’m not  a naive summer child. Very few writers make a viable living, I knew that even when I was in 6th grade. For every JK Rowling, there is a broke writer living with their parents or barely making ends meet at a job they hate just to make time to write at night and on the weekends. I have to admit, something about the struggling writer aesthetic is romantic in theory, but I’m sure it’s easy to grow tiresome of it when it’s the reality of your life.

I wanted to study English, really I did. My interest and knowledge in the subject was only ever as much as they taught us in public school and as much as I could teach myself. So that means yes, my grammar isn't the best. You may have noticed. 

I decided to not to pursue a degree in the subject. Why? Mainly because I truly had no idea what I would do with that degree. I was not going to be a teacher, that thought never crossed my mind for a second. I could be a journalist or a publisher, maybe. But the age of the internet was bubbling up all around us. Published books and newspapers were becoming less of a business even then. Also, could there be a more cutthroat career than newspaper or magazine journalism? I’m not a cutthroat kind of girl. I didn’t want to set myself up for failure.

Even after all my thinking, I still almost majored in English. Half due to my passion, and the other half because i was at a loss for what I would study in college. I was frustrated.

I was wandering around a gym at a local college visit senior year of high school. I remember there were so many booths they were almost hiding the waxed floor. There was one table to each major and the brightly colored banners shouted “Communications” and “Accounting.” It made me think of car dealership signs, “No money down, just 80,000 in student debt and drive away in your new career today!”

I was musing over maybe studying communications, (What is communications? What do you learn in that major? I don’t know to this day,) when I spotted a sign I had missed before. It was like my life clunked into place, right in that moment. I could feel it. It was like when you're trying to open a lock with the wrong key, every one of them doesn’t quite fit. Then you find the right one, and you know the instant you slip it into the door, it clicks and turns so easily.

“Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality”, the sign waved, beckoning me into a career and a life I never knew was perfect for me.

I’m not going to bore you with a complete outline of my studies and work in the field of tourism. Mostly because a lot of it’s not interesting, and the actually interesting parts ( like my travels in Europe, my professional experience as an agent, and my two internships at Disney World) I’ll be writing about anyway. But I consider myself lucky. Blogging is new to me, but writing sure isn’t. With some encouragement from friends (and my family, who have always believed in my writing) I decided to start again. Only because now that I’ve had many of my travel dreams and passions come true, I want to remind myself that at one time, I had another passion. Writing. I can’t wait to propel myself along this journey to combine them both together. It’s exciting and terrifying, and I feel somehow unprepared at the same time I feel as though I’ve been writing this blog in my head my whole life. Time to put the pen to paper (so to speak)

The Travel Bit

You might be wondering about the name I’ve picked. Cliche, I know. A travel blog with the word “travel” right in it! Isn’t that a big no-no, like using the word you are defining in your DEFINITION of the word?

There are so many bits and pieces that make up our lives. There’s the work bit, there’s the school bit. There’s the relationship bits with our roommates and boyfriends and girlfriends and kids. There’s your hobby bits, whether you like movies, fashion, arts, or books.
For me, this blog is about the bits of my life. Just so happens the travel bit is also the work bit, and the hobby bit, and one of my true passions. I do have other passions which I will write about from time to time, you can see them listed above. But this is the travel bit, and I'm so excited to share it with everyone.